Therapies provided by Mike Way

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Provided by Mike Way

The Cut of Life

Before cutting any branch, twig, stem or bloom from a tree or flower.  Inform the spirit of a tree or plant about what you’re doing. So that it can withdraw its energy from this place to be cut and not feel the cut so deeply.  A leaf or branch cut this way does not harm the host, a leaf cut in half with the energy in-tack will show an energetic outline where the half of the leaf was cut away for several miutes after the leaf has been cut.

When you enter nature and want to take the stone that was in the river, ask the river guard if he allows you to take one of his holy stones.

If you need to climb the mountain or go on a pilgrimage to the jungle, ask the spirits and guards of this place for permission.

It is very important to communicate, even if you can’t hear, don’t listen or don’t see.  Respectfully enter anywhere, because all Nature sees and hears you

Every movement in microcosm has a big impact on macrocosm.

When you get close to vegetation, thank it for the medicine it has provided for you.

Worship Life in its various forms and be aware that every being meets its purpose, nothing was created to fulfil space, everything and everyone is here remembering our mission, remembering who we are and waking up from holy dream to return home

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