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Provided by Mike Way


Regression, Space Clearing, Electromagnetic & Geopathic Stress

What is MUHET?

In our modern world our lives are driven by deadlines, demands and general hassles, it is easy to become tense and lose our sense of inner peace.  MUHET is a simple treatment. (according to the ASA and CAP no claim can be made about the efficassy of the treatment other than to say that “it provides Relaxation and Spiritual Healing” The ASA considers that unless you hold a general medical qualification you should not diagnose, treat or give advice on any condition of a medical nature) MUHET is believed to help relax the physical body, and regain the lost inner peace.

MUHET is a very gentle Hands-On-Therapy incorporating Energy Transference and gentle physical manipulation. During the gentle physical manipulation energy passes through the hands of the Practitioner into the Recipient relaxing the physical body and promoting a sense of well-being. This form of ‘hands-on-healing’ is not based on a religion or faith.  It can be experienced by anyone who is willing to receive it.

How is MUHET applied?

It is beilieved by many that ‘healing’ energy is channelled through the Practitioner and into the Recipient (see REIKI and Healing under the CAP Tab).  This energy has knowledge and awareness and is directed by the practitioner to where it is needed.  The energy is believed to be applied on the Mind, the Body and the Spirit, unlike many other forms of ‘healing’ the energy is directed by the Practitioner.  The ‘healing’ energy is believed by many to travel to the deepest levels of a person’s being from where many believe deeply held spiritual issues originate, a treatment can be percieved to have a very profound effect on the Recipient.

According to the ASA and CAP there has been no scientific evidence to support claims that Holistic Therapies or Healing can have a physical effect on the body. (see Therapies under CAP Tab).

MUHET Practitioners are qualified in the following: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Massage and Various Techniques of Low Velocity, Low Impact Gentle Physical Manipulation.  The practitioner is opened up to the Life Force Consciousness Energy (hands-on-healing).  The practitioner is attuned to the Life Force, this allows the Practitioner to visualise (but not diagnose) a Patient’s condition and direct the Life Force energy.  There is a strict Code of Ethics and Conduct associated with the responsibility of providing MUHET healing to others.

MUHET is believed by many to be a Gentle, Safe, Natural and Holistic treatment that may be seen to complement conventional medication and treatments.

During a MUHET Treatment a pleasant feeling of warmth and tingling may occur along with the sensation of deep relaxation; in many cases the Recipient will fall asleep.

MUHET has been applied to many clients who have presented with already medically diagnosed (by a consultatnt or GP) conditions.

According to the ASA and CAP no claims of efficacy of any Hoilistic Treatment can be made without Robust Scientific and Academic evidence, therefore no claims of the efficacy of a MUHET treatment are made, simply an invitation that should you wish to try the treatment and find that it offeres you some comfort that is as much as can be offered.

MUHET is believed by many to provide the Recipient with the ‘healing’ energy to accelerate the body’s natural healing process reducing the time taken for an injury to heal.

The treatment is only one step in the process; following the treatment some recipient have experienced significant changes in terms of Releases.

The Treatment

Should you want to experience a MUHET treatment and have quaestions about the treatment, then please contact us and we can provide further information to you, however in accordance with the ASA nad CAP guidelines we cannot discuss efficacy of the treatment in the context of medical conditions.

It is believed by many that the application of Life Force Energy has a very profound effect when used on long term or deep seated spiritual complaints, as it will trace back to the source of the problem and treat forward from there.

The treatment lasts up to one hour and involves either a single point application of energy through to a full body treatment, with the Recipient lying or in some cases sitting, fully or partly clothed – ideally in lightweight clothing, MUHET can be combined with oils.

The practitioner places their hands gently in a sequence of positions around the Recipient’s body, the pressure applied to and the position of these placements relate to the Chakras, trigger points and Meridians through which the life force energy is believed by many to flow, nourishing the cells and organs of the physical body.

The Practitioner does not heal the Recipient; the Practitioner provides the physical manipulation and the application of Life Force Energy for the Recipient’s own body to direct and use as it see fit.  This form of ‘healing’ also is believed by many to open the Mind and Spirit to the underlying causes of an issue.  This awareness enables the Recipient to gain an insight into their issues and assists them in making the necessary changes to their attitude and/or lifestyle so that the Recipient’s health, happiness and wellbeing can be improved.

MUHET treatments can be carried out with blended oils to increase the effective relaxation (see Aromatherapy under the CAP Tab).

Effects of the Treatment

According to the ASA and CAP there has been no scientific evidence to support claims that Holistic Therapies or Healing can have a physical effect on the body. (see Therapies under CAP Tab).

Following a MUHET treatment you should rest for a minimum period of 30 minutes to an hour, you should drink plenty of water ideally 1.5 to 2 litres during the rest of the day following the treatment there may be some reddening of the skin, this is a perfectly normal reaction to increased blood flow in the skin. Avoid alcohol and spicy food the same day as the treatment, you are advised that when undergoing a course of MUHET treatments it is not advisable to undertake other curative therapies, please discuss this with the practitioner.  A MUHET treatment continues to make adjustments on all levels for a period of three to five days following the treatment.  You may find that your condition may appear to get worse before getting better.

According to the ASA and CAP there has been no scientific evidence to support claims that Holistic Therapies or Healing can have a physical effect on the body. (see Therapies under CAP Tab).

Following the treatment a number of clients have reported that they have experienced a period of euphoric feelings, it is belived by many that the entering a deeply relaxed state of being often leaves you feeling tired but revitalised. In some cases clients have reported that long term spiritual anxieties and issues have been released following the treatment, (there is no robust Medical or Scientific evidence available at this time that this is attributable to the treatment (see Therapy under CAP Tab). A number of clients have reported a drop in body temperature or ‘crying’ for a period of time, this is believed by many to be a perfectly natural release process as it allows the mind and body to release pent up issues and allows the mind and body to assimilate the changes that have been made.

MUHET is a complementary therapy and does not take the place of conventional medicine but is believed by many to ‘complement it’, should you have any concerns about receiving a MUHET treatment you are advised to consult a approprietly ‘Qualified Medical Practitoner i.e. your GP’.

The following information is provided as a historical background of MUHET, it does not make claims for the efficacy of the treatment.

MUHET a History

MUHET is a unique therapy that encompasses many therapeutic elements including:- Energy Work,  Light Work,  Meridians, Trigger Points,  Acupressure,  Physical Body Work (with light pressure and no sudden manipulation)  Muscular-Skeletal Re-education,  Emotional Release (to the deepest depths of the person),  Spiritual Release,  Soul Retrieval,  Rebalancing and Regression work (this life and past lives),  recovery of lost elements and fragments of the person being treated,  Clearance of Spiritual trauma along with ancestral debts or inherited burdens.  MUHET can be provided world wide as a remote healing modality working from a photograph, personal object or over the telephone.  MUHET encompasses any and all aspects of the person that need to be treated.

MUHET has been used to treat houses and places of work, clearing old impregnated energies, stagnant energies, geopathic stress along with issues created by electromagnetic radiation from telephone masts, overhead power cables, beamed microwave energies, static, soiled or flowing sub surface water and the effects of underlying geological issues.

As a therapy MUHET has evolved over the years since it came into existence in 1962.  MUHET acts as a catalyst, a platform and tool set for the body’s own healing process to work from, providing a substantial reserve of energy to support the body and a manual and route map that works with the deepest depths of the person being treated to provide an integrated healing process from within.

MUHET is not the panacea for all ills, it is not a pink fluffy pill that will make everything all-right, but it works with the deepest depths of the person being treated to provide the best possible outcome for that person, responsibility for the healing process remains with the person being treated, not the practitioner.

MUHET was created by Mike Way now in his late (very late) fifties, but as a young child Mike suffered with Asthma, during a severe attack at a young age, Mike suffered an NDE (Near Death Experience) which occurred during the ride in the ambulance to hospital.

Having been attended by a doctor earlier that afternoon Mike’s condition worsened and he became blue as he could not breathe, whilst travelling in the ambulance to hospital some 20 minutes from home Mike was focusing on one of the brass ventilators in the roof of the ambulance, there was a sudden silence and an awareness of being in the ambulance and not being in the ambulance at the same time, as his mind cleared Mike was aware of being held in a pair of what seemed like transparent glass or crystal hands with no arms attached.  Mike became aware of the fact that although he was in the ambulance looking up at the roof he was also in a large black space sitting as a ball of swirling brilliant blue/white light supported in these hands, looking though them at what to him at the time seemed to be a Catherin-wheel spinning very slowly with a multitude of coloured sparking lights, with wispy clouds mixed in with the lights all set against a black velvet background, there was no fear, just a feeling of being at peace and at home here.  Mike became aware that there were other Catherin-wheels at odd angles and different coloured clouds of smoke with sparkling lights in them around him, as his awareness cleared he became aware that what he could sense was all around, 360 degrees in all directions, but that he could also focus down looking at this Catherin Wheel which became clearer and closer whilst all of the rest of the senses remained the same, Mike was also aware of being in the ambulance looking up at the ceiling and that the ambulance was within the Catherin-wheel in front of him, whilst also being outside looking down at the Catherin-wheel; which only later at the age of nine discovered was our galaxy; a family friend of Mike’s parents was heavily into astronomy and when visiting this person’s house Mike was shown some books about space and the stars and on the centre page of this particular book there it was, our galaxy, the milky way.

Mike became aware that within the blackness there was no sense of being alone, there were a multitude of presences around him, unseen but felt, there were whispering voices but not voices in the conventional sense; more like thoughts and experiences, thousands upon thousands of them, they were accompanied by a deep understanding of the mechanics of the Universe, the diversity of life in the Universe and the processes that held time and space together yet separate within the universe.  Mike was also aware that there was more; not knowing what more, but that there was just more, the blackness seemed contained within a sphere, large, defined but not touchable almost as if it stretched away from you as you reached to touch it.

During this time there was a deep understanding imparted, it was not like being at school it was a much deeper understanding than that.  It was the conscious understanding of all sentient beings that have ever been and a wispy view of the promise of the potential of all that may be in the future, the sense was not limited to one galaxy but all of them, every sentient being across all of time and space.

This experience was the start of the Mike’s interest in all aspect of life the universe and everything (to quote the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy).  As a child people do not take you seriously, especially when you say that you see people that others cannot, they wonder what is wrong with you when you dodge people in the street that aren’t there, receive messages from people who they cannot hear and appear to be able to see what is wrong with People and when you touch a person they feel like you are reading their every detail – then they feel a strange heat that penetrates to the deepest recesses of them, when you are told that you seem to be looking right into them or it is as if you are penetrating the very core of a person.  People feel threatened and afraid of you.  People fear what they don’t understand or what does not conform to their normality.

During the eleven and a half minutes that Mike was out of his body, life times of experience were imparted, Quantum mechanics, genetics, microcellular biology, anatomy, physiology, energy flows, consciousness, natural law and much more, along with a deep understanding of other life forms not just those based on Carbon but Silicone, Silicates and energetic nebulous consciousness – not constrained by physical barriers, the interaction of life forms and the planets they inhabit, the relationship of the planets within their solar systems, the formation of species dependent upon base level consciousness, the correlation of all of the solar systems within a galaxy and the correlation between the galaxies and the universe, the different vibrations which form sub-harmonics and sub-octaves of the fundamental frequency of the universe and the dynamic of how it all hangs together.

In the years that followed this life changing experience Mike found himself trying to balance a ‘normal’ childhood with a very different perspective, at night when the body was sleeping he was transported to different galaxies, different realms and different times, being shown pivotal events that shape the universe and the life that exists within it.

As a child Mike found it very difficult to integrate the two worlds: the physical human world and the metaphysical energetic world.  Mike was unaware that other people did not see the world as he did; it was not until the age of thirteen when Mike suffered Glandular Fever that everything shut down, luckily just for one week!  What a scary place the world became for that week: no vision of energy flow, no sense of past and future events, no spirit communication, no sensation of knowing people at a deeper level, a sudden feeling of being very small and very alone in a world that was full of people, trying to balance the feeling of being full of every-thing and every-where and every-when one day and being confined within a human body with nothing the next, after resting for the week, it all came back.  Mike has never taken his “gift” for granted, but would find it very difficult to function in the world without it.

As a young man of sixteen, Mike started to expand his vocation – providing ‘hands on’ and distance healing, readings, channelled messages and guidance to friends and family, and started the Professors open forum on Citizens Band radio.  This was just the beginning:- It became very apparent that to be taken seriously in the human world you had to have an education, ‘a proper job’ and bits of paper that said that you could do what you said you could.  There were very few courses or learning institutions that taught what Mike was looking for, so since he had a deep interest in the sciences he explored many areas of Physics, High Energy Plasma, High Vacuum Systems, Lasers, Particle Physics, Ion Engines, Space travel, Chemistry Astronomy, Astrology and Electronics.

Studying Electronics engineering (silicone based materials) Human anatomy, physiology, pathology and massage was the starting point – later working with spiritual healers, mediums, clairvoyants, spiritualists and Reiki practitioners Mike found that none of these hit the mark. Further studies of various spiritual texts, ancient medicines, alchemy, acupuncture, kinesiology, NLP, emotional freedom, craniosacral and bodywork (Bowen, chiropractic, osteopathic, Hot Stones, Thai massage etc) all, although having their place and being effective at what the treated, missed the mark.  There was only one thing for it and that was to work from the basis of the implanted knowledge and the experience gained to create a unique therapy that encompasses ‘universal’ aspect of healing treating the entire being and the environment at all levels!  Thus MUHET was born.

MUHET – “Mike’s Universal Healing Energy Treatment” to give it its full title is not a definitive therapy yet!  And it may never fully evolve in his lifetime, However as a repeatable teachable treatment it has been seen to be very effective at treating a very wide variety of conditions, the effects from even one treatment are incredibly potent and are long lasting.  MUHET continues to evolve with every new patient that comes through the door with a condition or challenge that tests the boundaries of what has gone before, be it purely physical, emotional, mental, psychological or energetic or psychic in nature.  Mike has had experience of dealing with a wide diversity of issues and beings, not all of whom are necessarily human in nature but inhabit a human form.

During the development of MUHET the Universe has provided a very diverse set of tools along with a range of working and studying environments, these “tools” have been enhanced, made easier to set up and use and are now part of the training that is given to all MUHET practitioners.  Dedicated training has been setup to assist people who are working with Mike on their own MUHET journeys.  Over the past few years the range of tools being provided and the depth of understanding of how and when to use these tools has increased dramatically from Genetic re-profiling and normalisation through to DNA rewriting systems based on Universal pure strand DNA templates, everything is pointing to a change in human consciousness with more people being willing to accept a treatment that is very different to conventional medicine whilst being complementary to conventional medicine and many other forms of therapy.

MUHET from a practitioner’s viewpoint is a vocation and way of life not just a therapy to be learned.  Once you start on the path of MUHET enlightenment it will change the way that you look at every aspect of your life, it is not for everyone.  MUHET allows you to choose where you want it to take you, how far along the road you wish to travel and when you are ready to take the next steps, MUHET is a therapy that can easily be integrated into existing therapies, providing a deeper insight for counsellors and psychotherapists, providing a deeper intuitive feel for existing bodyworkers, and a deeper connection and consciousness for light and energy workers.  There are many therapists and people who have approached Mike with a view to becoming a practitioner, Mike takes on one or two people each year to start the opening and training process, it is not something that is taken on lightly, a MUHET treatment can be life changing, so in the bigger picture becoming a MUHET practitioner is life changing too.

In our everyday lives there is a great deal of pressure put upon ourselves by the environment we live in the constant bombardment of electrical energy the pollution that we have in our atmosphere, the processing that is done to our food, the treatment of the water that we drink and our general lifestyle along with the pressure that we put upon ourselves to cram yet more into an already full schedule.  Is it any wonder that we are in danger of losing our inner peace and inner calm, now more than ever it is essential to maintain a certain amount of ‘Me Time’ in our lives to help maintain a sense of perspective and balance, MUHET can assist in rebalancing our body’s systems, unblocking our internal energy flows and bringing about a sense of inner calm, inner peace and being centred.

As part of Mikes contiunued committment to the practise of Complementary and Holistic Therapies, Mike has been involved, over the past three years in Observational experimentation of holistic therapies in the sporting arena, MUHET has undergone sustantial observational, academic and scientific experimentation that has been carried out between centres of excellence in the Uk and America, the observational experiments took the form of over 2,837 experiments on human and equine subjects as part of a sports sciences and sports psychology investigation covering many aspects of the percieved effect of well-being provided by holistic therapies, hands on healing and distance healing between the continents as applicable to the sporting arena. Over three hundred and twenty terabytes of data have been collected covering Physical, physcological, Electromagnetic, Spectral, temporal and spatial observations. This work demonstrates the on-going committment to the evolution of Holistic and Complementary therapies. The results are not scheduled to be published till September 2019.  No implied demonstration of efficacy is implied, this is just part of the ongoing story of my life and the evolution of the MUHET therapy. (Acording to the ASA and CAP these results are unlikely to acceptable as evidence of efficacy of the treatment as they have not been conducted by General Medical Practitioners who would not have the specialist knowledge to understand the process).


Understanding MUHET

1.    MUHET therapy is safe to use on anyone, from newborn to the elderly.

2.    There is no vigorous manipulation, just a deeply relaxing light hand pressure.

4.    The gentle adjustments stimulate energy flows, empowering the body’s own natural resources to heal itself.

5.    MUHET therapy has been proven to provide substantial relief after only one session.

10.   MUHET therapy incorporates Universal Life Force Energy and Gentle hand pressure to achieve quite outstanding results.

MUHET is a complementary therapy and does not take the place of conventional medicine but is believed by many to ‘complement it’, should you have any concerns about receiving a MUHET treatment you are advised to consult a approprietly ‘Qualified Medical Practitoner i.e. your GP’.

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