Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz Crystal...

Resonates Loving Goddess Energy!

Rose Quartz Crystal is known as the 'love stone' as the message it emits is a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and emotional healing.  These are lovely healing crystals for you to have throughout your home, as they have a loving vibration that is a powerful energy to help to heal relationship problems.  They embody a melodious and gentle energy, aiding you to become truly loving, and live life from your heart.  Simply keep a piece of this stone nearby and your life will improve for the better.  This stone will resonate out its love energy into its surroundings to help all those who are nearby, such as your nearest and dearest.  This beautiful pink crystal has a powerful energy that resonates within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra or thymus chakra, the area related to compassion.

It is a quartz crystal that derives its name from its lovely rose pink colour, and these lovely crystals come in a range of beautiful shades of pink and are powerful to wear on your body.

Where Does Rose Quartz Crystal Come From?

The colour of these crystals range from very pale pink through to deep pink, and all have that wonderful loving vibration.  All colours and types have excellent healing qualities.  Deposits are found in Madagascar, India, Japan and Brazil, as well as in South Africa and South Dakota in the USA.  It may be translucent or transparent, although most pieces are fairly opaque.  There is also a variety called Strawberry Rose Quartz, and many of these are deeper coloured stones, as well as some lighter very beautiful orangey pink stones.  There are not a lot of quartz configurations that this stone naturally occurs in.  It is less often available as crystals, and is more commonly found as natural or raw stone in the massive form.

Why is it Such a Powerful Love Stone?

Wondering why Rose Quartz is a potent asset to have in your environment?  There are a number of powerful reasons why this pink quartz variety is so helpful including:

  • This is a stone whose powerful vibration of love will resonate to the whole body and heal all of the chakras, but especially the heart and higher heart.
  • They enhance love for yourself, your partner, your children, your community and the whole world!

The vibration of love that resonates from these pink stones is all encompassing, as love of your country and your fellow human beings is also included within this stones influence.

  • The energy of this crystal will bestow a peaceful and calming sensation, which can assist in healing of the heart, by dissolving anger and resentment.
  • Rose Quartz Crystal resonates Goddess Energy, which has a potent vibration and it is one of the foremost stones representing the Feminine Principle.

Got difficult neighbours? You can calm noisy neighbours just by placing a number of pieces in the corner of the room nearest to their home.  You will help them and yourself at the same time.  The presence of this lovely pink love stone will send a soothing vibration not only to the person wearing it, but also resonates throughout the room where it is located.

Who should use Rose Quartz?  How to use It

You may find that wearing one of these lovely pink crystals, will help you to feel more balanced emotionally, and that any relationship issues may be healed.  Meditation is an excellent way to use these crystals.  You may find that you feel less restrained and that you can open up your imagination and discover ways to be happy.  They are wonderful healing crystals for you to use as they have an excellent relaxing and healing vibration, that makes them beneficial to use during your daily meditation with crystals.  Doing regular meditation can help you to be freed from any feelings that might be holding you back.  It is quite easy to learn easy meditation methods.

If you have not experienced meditation before, you may benefit by reading or attending some guided meditation using crystals.  They will enable you to heal old negative emotions that you have not let go of, such as anger, resentment, fear and jealousy from past experiences.  As they are basically quartz they can also be programmed with specific affirmations or ideas to assist you.  Holding a piece in your hand while speaking aloud, will enhance the use of positive affirmations.  These pink stones are a variety of quartz, so that they have an amplifying effect.  Any use that you put them too will be heightened by the quartz vibration.  That is why using a Rose Quartz pendulum is so powerful, as the energy available to you expands while using it.  Rose Quartz palm-stones are an ideal tool for transporting and storing energy in, they can also be used as a recording stone.

What is Rose Quartz Crystal used for?

  • Using this crystal will enable you to heal old harmful emotions such as anger, resentment, fear and jealousy that may result from past experiences.
  • This crystal is a powerful aid to assist with emotional healing and particularly to help you to heal old negative emotions you may be holding onto.
  • All quartz varieties are profound amplifiers of energy, so this lovely pink stone will resonate out the love energy into its surrounds.
  • Learn how to program crystals to aid you to boost its vibration by programming your crystal with specific messages or affirmations to help its action.
  • Not only will this vibration assist you to heal yourself, but its energy may bring faith and hope to all in the vicinity. 

The vibration of love is not always clearly understood. This concept is about love not only on the physical level but on the deeper emotional and spiritual levels.

Once you are freed from any long held and sometimes unhealthy feelings, you may find that you feel less restrained. This may help you to expand your imagination and feel happier.

The loving energy of this pink crystal is why my bedroom has many pieces of this crystal in it as I like how it brings harmony and loving energy to where I sleep.

If you have issues from your childhood associated with your father or other male relative, the energy of Rose quartz may help you to heal.


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