Lava Shells Massage

Why have a Lava Shell Massage?

A deeply indulgent, relaxing, calming - self heating massage treatment. Lava Shells are natural Tiger Clam shells from the sun kissed shores of the Philippines. The shells are naturally heated by an internal sachet containing algae, sea kelp, natural minerals and a liquid activator.

The ASA and CAP has no specific guidance of what is acceptable for Lava Shell MassageTherapy, therefore the massage and body work, Aromatherapy and general guidance for Therapies will apply. (see Massage and Bodywork, Aromatherapy and Therapies General under CAP Tab)

What are the benefits?

The Lava Shells remain hot for a period of an hour, two shells are sufficient for a full body massage. The tiger clam shells have been hand polished in the Philippines to glide smoothly over the skin, whilst their soothing heat penetrates deeply in the muscle tissues, providing a deeply relaxing massage - unblocking energy pathways and promoting improved circulation. The addition of the green tea and mango massage oil adds to the overall experience.


The ASA accepts that aromatherapy massage might help people relax, sleep and destress.

The ASA states that Marketers should not, however, claim that aromatherapy can be used to treat the causes or symptoms of serious or prolonged ailments.

The ASA states that Marketers may claim that the use of essential oils combined with massage might help relieve muscle strains or muscle tension but emphasis should be placed on the massage and not the action of the oil.


The Treatment

The shells are worked deeply into the muscles, trigger and pressure points of the shoulders, back, neck, arms, legs soles of the feet the palms of the hands - easing the tension throughout the body leaving you relaxed and balanced, with the addition of a soothing facial to stimulate circulation, ease tension lines and boost natural radiance you leave feeling balanced, radiant and rejuvenated.

  • The world’s first naturally self-heating massage
  • Adaptable treatment for relaxation or deep tissue
  • Eco-friendly - using all natural ingredients
  • Seamless massage of heat and touch

The introduction of the Glacial Shells provides a cooling addition to the treatment, ideal for sport injuries and where control of inflammation is required.