Commission of Advertising Practice

Commission of Advertising Practice (CAP) writes and maintains the UK Code (1) of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and direct marketing the 'CAP Code'. 

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) (2) is the UK's independant regulator that administers the Code.  The ASA is not a voluntary system - all ASA upheld rulings are strictly enforced by a range of industry sanctions.

The UK Government and courts recognise CAP and the ASA as the estblished means (3) for regulating non-broadcast advertising. Ultimately, both CAP and the ASA are accepted by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Trading Standards and the courts as the first line of control in protecting consumers and businesses from misleading advertising.

The CAP Compliance Team takes immediate action to ensure the removal of ads/marketing communications that break the code,
Section 3 of the code relates to Misleading Advertising.
Section 12 of the code relates to Medicines, Medical Devices, Health-Related Products and Beauty Products.

(1) CAP CODE Link:

(2) ASA Link:    

(3) Goverment link

WHY Does the ASA require evidence on a rigid scientific model?
ASA appreciates that many therapies have historical origins and traditionally held beliefs.  However, this is not a robust basis on which to make health claims.  you can describe the history and tradition of a therapy, but in doing so you must be careful not to stray into making efficacy claims. wheather direct or implied, if you do not hold evidence to make those claims. (CAP Health Therapy Evidence Page 5.)

The ASA position on the acceptability and appropriateness of evidence is in line with the weight of scientific and academic opinion.  The ASA encourage professional organisations in the health therapies sector to engage with the wider scientific and academic community to develop new and rigorouse methodologies that take account of the holistic nature of their therapies. (CAP Health Therapy Evidence Page 5.)

Within the guidelines of the 'CAP Code' no claims can be made about health-related or medical efficacy claims for Holistic Therapies without Robust Medical Evidence that is recognised by the CAP and the ASA.  Listed below are the relevant accepatble guidelines that relate to therapies included on this website:



Bowen Technique:            

Crystal Therpay:                    

Detoxing and
Lymphatic Drainange:          

Massage and Body Work:  



Therapies General:            

Seasonal Affective Disorder:







Detoxing General:              

Crystal Therapy:                

Myofacial Release:             

Magnetic Field Therapy:     




Weight Control:                 

Polarity Therapy:               


Therapies and Evidence:    

Beauty and Slimming
Claims Substantiation:       
Therapies and references 
to Medical Conditions:        



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